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Dec 21, 2016 Happy Holidays Party Meet and Greet 4 to 7 pm at Libby's at 1917 Osprey Avenue









Dec 21, 2016 Happy Holidays Party Meet and Greet 4 to 7 pm at Libby’s at 1917 Osprey Avenue

No Reservations !!!  Just Come and Party


Located on Osprey Avenue, in Southside Village, across from Morton’s Market.

Click for Google Map Directions — insert your address:’s+Cafe+%26+Bar,+South+Osprey+Avenue,+Sarasota,+FL/@27.2951291,-82.5621645,12z/data=!4m8!4m7!1m0!1m5!1m1!1s0x88c34045ef735943:0x24009772963c6ebc!2m2!1d-82.5334385!2d27.3158575

It Is Dues Renewal Time

birds+at+sunset.jpgDear Friend/Member of Sarasota Sister Cities:
(PLEASE DISREGARD THIS NOTICE—If you have joined Sister Cities or paid dues since July 1, 2016)
It is dues renewal time.  The original renewal notice went out the first week in October, the beginning of our fiscal year.  We look forward to a year full of activities with our speakers’ bureau, Meet & Greets, luncheons, and so on.  If you have joined since July 1st  or have already renewed, please disregard this notice.
At what level will you be joining?
$40 Individual                        $60 Family                        $150 Business
$100 Patron                        $150 Sponsor                        $500 National Sponsor 
Make CHECKS payable to SCAS and mail to:
Membership VP
Sister Cities Association of Sarasota
City Hall
1565 First St.
Sarasota, FL 34236 
Or pay by CREDIT CARD at
Do you need a NAME BADGE?  Please send me a note at  and I will order you one.
Dave Harralson
Vice President for Membership
Sarasota Sister Cities

Sister Cities International Thanks Members For Support

Thanks to you, we were able to raise $2,350 for Sister Cities International’s youth programs! We couldn’t have done it without you.
Thank you for supporting Sister Cities International this #GivingTuesday! Whether you started a fundraiser, made a donation, or helped spread the word, your help is what got us here.

We are excited to use this $2,350 to support the High School Homestay Program, Young Artists & Authors Showcase, and Youth Leadership Summit - programs that are open to thousands of youth in the sister cities network. 

See the impact
If you were unable to donate to #GivingTuesday, but would still like to donate to Sister Cities International’s annual fund, please visit
Copyright © 2016 Sister Cities International, All rights reserved.
Members and event attendees

Our mailing address is:
Sister Cities International
915 15th Street NW4th FloorWashington, DC 20005

Help Wanted


Sarasota Sister Cities 
Needs a Few Good People
Please let us know if you would like to provide assistance to Sarasota Sister Cities. We need a Secretary and a Publicity Director.

We also need assistance with our Sister Cities. Please let us know if you have an interest in working with our sister cities in Canada, China, France, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Switzerland, Russia, or Scotland, We also need help in Membership, Education, Economic Development, Social Media, and Fund Raising.

Email us if you would like to help out and we will put you in touch with the right person.

Thank you for your consideration.

Happy Holidays, Nikolaus and Christmas Greetings

1234.jpgMany happy Holidays, Nikolaus, and Christmas greetings and a little family tradition I like to share. I wish you and your families and loved ones very Happy Holidays and the very best for the New Year 2017.

Nikolaus Day On December 6th
Every year, the families in many European Countries celebrate Nikolaus Day on December 6th.The evening before, children polish their boots and shoes (dirty ones will not be accepted by Nikolaus) and place them or stockings at the fireplace or at the front door.

Traditionally Nikolaus (or Knecht Ruprecht) will bring nuts, apples, clementines and chocolate and/or little toys. For kids (as well adults) whose behavior was a little in question over the year, Nikolaus might just leave a rod behind. In the old days, coal was much appreciated because people often hardly had anything for their fireplaces and heat the rooms.

But as families had more and more central heat, they forgot about the reason why Nikolaus brought them some coal. Nowadays it is like a punishment if there is coal in their shoes.

According to the legend, the custom began because of historical St. Nicholas of Myra (now the Anatolia region of modernTurkey), who died on December 6th, 346.

He was a Greek Christian bishop known for miracles and giving gifts secretly and is now the Patron Saint of the little children, sailors, merchants and students.

Known as Nicholas the Wonderworker for his miracles, he is also identified with Santa Claus. St. Nicholas had a reputation for leaving secret gifts, such as coins, in people’s shoes overnight.

Marianna Janz-Wecke, SCAS President

Sister Cities Partners


Attention members! Click here to download an updated spreadsheet (as of 12/20/16) with a list of all the partnerships we plan to include in our 2017 Membership Directory. Please check to make sure your city name along with its correct sister city partnerships are listed.

If your city is not listed or if there is an error with any of your sister city partnerships please email

You will also notice that we have sister city signing dates listed for many, but not all, partnerships on the spreadsheet. If you have signing date information to share, please email

Dec 14, 2016 Embracing Our Differences Luncheon 11:30 at Michael's on East

An event sure to sell out EVERY year … You won’t want to miss our inspiring student speaker!
Please Join Us for theEmbracing Our Differences Luncheonon Wednesday, December 14at Michael’s on East
Registration: 11:30
Lunch: Noon
Tickets: Patron $100  I  Individual $50
Co-Chairs:Carol Buchananand Dennis & Graci McGillicuddy

Sponsorship Opportunities Available 

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Click for more photos:

Click for more info and to buy tickets:
Embracing Our Differences, P.O. Box 2559, Sarasota, FL 34230-2559

Social Marketing Report November 2016

Social Marketing Report November 2016
Our blog is our online newsletter. We keep a calendar events at the top and amplify the information with photos on older posts.
We will be glad to publish information about Sarasota Sister events.  Email it to me, preferably with graphics, and I will post it on the blog. You can also post information directly yourself on our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest pages.
If you see a mistake on our systems please let me know and I will correct it.

We email our members several times each month with notices of events. We use two email addresses — and
You can post information and photos and interact with others on our social media addresses. All of our members and friends are encouraged to join us. These systems work best if we have a number of our members posting.

We continue our efforts with our Facebook page. If you use Facebook please check out our page, and contribute thoughts, ideas, and events

If you use Twitter please join us. It is easy to create an account and post directly yourself. And prove to everyone that you are up to date.

We also continue our efforts on LinkedIn and Pinterest.


And of course our Web Site. We use a consultant to update the site and we change it infrequently. It does pick up info from the blog automatically and has links to our social media.

We maintain our membership records on

From this site you can update your own records and membership records.  You should be able to log in initially using your email address and your zip coe. Membership VP Dave Harralson maintains this site and can help you get access

I maintain a blog that has spreadsheets showing Board contact info and Members Contacts. 
The Board is open — you have to ask me for access to obtain access to all our membership. 
We have many photos on line. You can see them on our Pinterest page or see them from the left column of the blog. Or Click Here.

Google has provided us a domain email for free, since we are a non profit.  We will create an email address as Board Members request.  The address will be your title or name, followed by
The system is similar to gmail. It also provides a way to share documents and photographs.  A little confusing but you can figure it out.
Using the domain email is of course voluntary.  If you do use the email it might make it simpler to use it with a separate web browser - perhaps use the Microsoft browser for your regular email and use Chrome or Firefox for you Sister City email.  That way you won’t have to log in and out of the two email systems. Or you can choose to forward the Sister City email to your regular account.
A few of the new emails have started in the Estonian!! language. We don’t know why. Great for internationalism but not so good for comprehension. If this happens give me a call at 309 634 5557 and I will help you get it back to English. 
If any of you would like to help improve our social marketing systems give me a call or send me an email or just jump in and start posting to our Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or Twitter addresses. And if you know anyone who can help with this effort please put me in contact with me. I am likely beyond help but would appreciate it nevertheless.

I continue to post news releases with little success. It is easy to write a news release on the Tampa Bay News Wire and theoretically the papers will pick this up. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

News Release

If you have articles or photos to share, please send them to us and we will post them to the blog and social media.

Sister City Blogs
We have established a blog for each of our Sister Cities. We encourage the City Directors to post photos and notices on their blog.

Our Social Networking report:

Sarasota Sister Cities Social Marketing Plan

Sarasota Sister Cites Plan

Sunsets Sarasota

We use social marketing to inform our membership. Our principle addresses are:




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