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Super Streets For Sarasota?

I wonder how this would work on University at Lockridge?

Might be worth looking into.

Interesting article from North Carolina State University.

“Drivers are first required to make a right turn and then make a U-turn around a broad median. While this may seem time-consuming, the study shows that it actually results in a significant time savings since drivers are not stuck waiting to make left-hand turns or for traffic from cross-streets to go across the thoroughfare.

“Superstreet” traffic designs result in faster travel times and significantly fewer accidents, according to the new study. “The study shows a 20 percent overall reduction in travel time compared to similar intersections that use conventional traffic designs,” says Dr. Joe Hummer, professor of civil, construction and environmental engineering at NC State and one of the researchers who conducted the study. “We also found that superstreet intersections experience an average of 46 percent fewer reported automobile collisions – and 63 percent fewer collisions that result in personal injury.”

“The researchers assessed travel time at superstreet intersections as the amount of time it takes a vehicle to pass through an intersection from the moment it reaches the intersection – whether traveling left, right or straight ahead. The travel-time data were collected from three superstreets located in eastern and central North Carolina, all of which have traffic signals. The superstreet collision data were collected from 13 superstreets located across North Carolina, none of which have traffic signals.”

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The Sarasota School of Architecture

The Sarasota School of Architecture found its inspiration in part from the  philosophies of the Bauhaus. It incorporated forms of regional Southern architecture, using patios, verandas, modular construction and raised floors to open up its buildings for greater ventilation in pre-air-conditioning days.

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Brr… Florida Experiences Coldest December Ever

Brr… Florida Experiences Coldest December Ever—Breaking 1935 Records

Florida just went through its coldest December ever breaking records set in 1935.

The Sunshine State lost $273 million from the December freezes alone—including nearly 9,000 acres of crops.

CBS Miami reported:

If you thought it was especially cold in December, it’s not just your imagination. The facts prove it, according to the National Weather Service, which announced Saturday that December 2010 set a record as the coldest December ever in Ft. Lauderdale. Miami, and Key West.

Forecasters say December was also the second coldest month ever in Key West.

A series of arctic cold fronts put South Florida into the deep freeze, with frost on the ground, crops damaged, and people forced to bundle up to face wind chills in the 20′s. While temperatures were unusually chilly as far south as Key West, where a one day overnight low record was set, Ft. Lauderdale, experienced the lowest low temperatures, giving them the nod for the record. However, even Miami and warmer Key West were still cold as records go.

Of course, a record low in Florida is not the same as a record low in the frozen Northeast. According to the weather service, the mean monthly average for Ft. Lauderdale in December was 60.4 degrees. That breaks the previous record of 62.2 degrees set in December 1935.

Vladimir Sister City Formalization

Cities Referenced in This Article: 

The Sister Cities relationship between Sarasota and Vladimir was officially signed in March, 1994. On October 29, 1994, City of Sarasota Mayor Nora Patterson led a delegation to Vladimir for the first official signing of the partnership agreement.

In April of 1995, a year that marked the Millenium Anniversary of the City of Vladimir, Mayor Igor Shimov of Vladimir led a large delegation for the official signing in Sarasota.

In the photo above, standing are Vladimir delegates; General Howard Crowell, Rotary International of Sarasota; Fyodor Lavrov (center right), and colleagues of Rotary Club Vladimir; SCAS City Director Steve Briggs (far left). Seated, from left, are Deputy Mayor Elena Potapova; Mayor of Sarasota David Merrill, President Hope Byrnes of Sister Cities Association of Sarasota.


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