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Vladimir Sister City Formalization

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The Sister Cities relationship between Sarasota and Vladimir was officially signed in March, 1994. On October 29, 1994, City of Sarasota Mayor Nora Patterson led a delegation to Vladimir for the first official signing of the partnership agreement.

In April of 1995, a year that marked the Millenium Anniversary of the City of Vladimir, Mayor Igor Shimov of Vladimir led a large delegation for the official signing in Sarasota.

In the photo above, standing are Vladimir delegates; General Howard Crowell, Rotary International of Sarasota; Fyodor Lavrov (center right), and colleagues of Rotary Club Vladimir; SCAS City Director Steve Briggs (far left). Seated, from left, are Deputy Mayor Elena Potapova; Mayor of Sarasota David Merrill, President Hope Byrnes of Sister Cities Association of Sarasota.


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