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Alliance Membership Policy


An Alliance Member may be a non-profit organization with which SCAS is involved through joint projects and/or with whom affiliation would support SCAS’s mission.

  • The number of SCAS Alliance Members is not limited.
  • Alliance Members are appointed by the SCAS Board of Directors and their membership can be terminated at any time at the discretion of that Board.
  • Alliance Members are not required to pay dues, and their status is that of a non-voting member of SCAS.
  • Nominations for Alliance Membership:
  • Any member of SCAS supported by a seconder may nominate an organization (hereinafter referred to as ‘organization’) for Alliance Membership.
  • All nominations are to be in writing and submitted to the Vice President for Membership along with a written statement of the reasons why the nominator and seconder consider the nominee qualifies for Alliance Membership, and how the granting of Alliance Membership would be appropriate and mutually beneficial.

Regular Review and Updating of Alliance Memberships:

  • The Vice President for Membership will be responsible for ensuring the regular updating of the name of the individual who is the point of contact in each Alliance Member’s organization. This is to be done no less frequently than once per year, normally a month prior to the Annual General Meeting.
  • At the annual general membership meeting the Vice President for Membership will provide an updated list of all Alliance Members, together with any recommendations for memberships which should be terminated, primarily because they have become inactive or are no longer appropriate.

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