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Procedure for Acquiring New Sister Cities

When Sister Cities Association of Sarasota (SCAS) is approached with the idea of taking on a sister city, the inquirer is to be given a copy of The Selection Criteria/or Proposed New Sister Cities.

SCAS will check with Sister Cities International to determine whether a sister city relationship already exits with the city in question.

If after reviewing this document, the group representing the city in question believes their city meets these criteria, the VP for Cities and Candidate Cities, or his/her designate drawn from among SCAS’s Board, will work with the sponsoring organization to put together a formal, written recommendation nominating their city.

SCAS’s Board will study the recommendation, and if the nominee is found substantially to meet the established criteria, the Board will vote to accept or reject the nomination. If the nomination is rejected, the Board may, at its discretion, send it back to the sponsoring organization with recommendations as to how the nomination could be modified to more adequately reflect the established criteria.

If the Board votes to accept the nomination, the Mayor and the Sarasota City Commission will be presented with the formal recommendation and a record of the Board’s support.

If the City Commission agrees that the city in question should be formally invited to become a SCAS sister city, a formal Letter of Invitationshall be sent to the top elected official of the city/county/district/province in question.

Upon receipt of a written letter of acceptance from the executive of the city in question, an invitation to visit Sarasota for a formal signing of a sister city agreement will be extended in writing to the top elected official.

An official Sarasota Sister City Agreementor Memorandum of Understandingwill be drawn up in duplicate. These documents will be signed in a formal, public ceremony in Sarasota. Each partner to the signing will receive a signed set of the official documents for their records, and official copies will be sent to Sister Sities International.

At a time agreeable to both parties, SCAS shall send an official delegation to the new sister city to initiate and carry forward projects of mutual interest and benefit.

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