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Student Visitors Policy

General Conditions:

  • To qualify for payment under this policy, all expenses must be pre-approved in writing by SCAS.
  • Where expenses are to be covered by SCAS, the maximum amount payable will be no higher than the amount payable under each category of expense consistent with the policies of the City of Sarasota, unless otherwise approved in writing by SCAS.
  • SCAS may be reimbursed by the City of Sarasota for expenses that fall under the terms of the City of Sarasota-SCAS Agreement.
  1. Housing: Housing will be provided or underwritten by SCAS and the City of Sarasota for a maximum of five days [This makes the housing policy consistent with the Young Playwrights Policy] Usually home housing will be arranged for students and chaperones.
  2. Chaperones: SCAS normally will require students to be accompanied by a chaperone(s) and a representative of the Sister City organization. Expense reimbursement will be limited to one chaperone for every six students.
  3. Meals: Most meals for guests will be underwritten by the City of Sarasota according to its per diem policy. SCAS may cover any overage for pre-approved meal expenditures
  4. Transportation: Ground transportation will be provided or underwritten by SCAS and the City of Sarasota within Sarasota County
  5. Welcome packages: Welcome packages, prepared by the Protocol Advisor, will be provided for each student and chaperone.
  6. Entertainment: Most tickets for concerts, entrance fees, and special events in Sarasota will be underwritten by SCAS for official guests. Visitors will pay for any special tours requested for outside of Sarasota—e.g., admission fees for special tourist attractions, meals, transportation, and overnight accommodation.
  7. Health Insurance: Students must bring their own medications and must be covered by health insurance that is valid in the USA. Students must also have a signed Authority for Medical Treatment Form.

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