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Citizen Diplomats—Carving a Path toward Peace since 1963

Lou Ann Palmer

Our Sister Emeritus: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Having seen and understood the horrific atrocities, death, and destruction of major nations during World War II, President Dwight D. Eisenhower created a plan for citizens of all nations to cease the hatred by originating a program called “People to People.” The concept was to encourage citizens of all nationalities to connect with each other one-on-one, become friends, and cooperate in establishing understanding that whatever our differences are, we are all human beings and need to be buddies, not enemies.

Tel Mond Twinning History

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Tel Mond, Israel

In light of what’s transpiring in the Middle East, this article about Sister Cities Association of Sarasota focuses on our relationship with Tel Mond, Israel. The only democracy in the Middle East could be in mortal danger. Heaven forbid that we might lose our wonderful sister.

Tel Mond settlement was founded in 1929. Named after Alfred Mond, a Zionist from Great Britain, there was nothing but sand, sand, and more sand. For years there were only citrus groves and very few settlers, most of whom came from Eastern Europe.

History of Vladimir Twinning

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Vladimir, Russia

A letter to Sister Cities Association of Sarasota in 1993 from Michael Pender, Sr. unknowingly started the war over a relationship with Vladimir, Russia. Carl Weinrich was working to establish a YMCA there and Pender’s Sarasota Bay Rotary Club was attempting to initiate a Rotary club, too. SCAS President Hope Byrnes was very excited as well and the sisterly adoption began.

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