Sister Cities’ guiding principles have been developed over the years to provide citizen diplomats worldwide with a strong common purpose and direction.

Sister Cities members serve as a foundation for our relationships with each other and the action we take in the world as citizen diplomats.

Our Code of Conduct is an ethical guide that exemplifies our global outreach in promoting peace and understanding.

Sarasota Sister Cities members employ high ethical standards and treat fellow members and guests with dignity and respect.

We support our mission and goals by volunteering our services, fundraising, and/or working to sponsor a project with our international partners abroad or on projects at home in Sarasota.

We all work with integrity to contribute our expertise and service to accomplish the mission and goals of the Sister Cities Association of Sarasota, Inc (SCAS).

Can I promote my business in SCAS?

Your business can only be promoted if you are a Donor/Sponsor for a major event or program or if you sponsor an event or special promotion that relates to the work we do with our Sister Cities. You may also use this opportunity to put cards and brochures on the tables for publicity, and of course, you will enjoy publicity prior to the event and the chance to network at these events.

SCAS recognizes the importance of empowering youth and young professionals through leadership development programs, and we are fortunate to have a STAR Leadership High School student serve on our Board as the Youth Ambassador.

“At our core, Sister Cities International recognizes, celebrates, and magnifies the catalytic power of people-to-people interaction through mutual respect, understanding, and cooperation—one individual, one community at a time.”

  • Former SCI President & CEO Roger-Mark De Souza

Explore Sister Cities International opportunities: attend SCI’s annual conference, usually held in a different city each year in early summer, and meet other citizen diplomats to network or join an SCI world cruise adventure travel to discover other cities around the globe.


The Sister Cities Association of Sarasota, Inc. (SCAS) is a nonpartisan and nonsectarian association. SCAS is registered as a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization. This allows contributors to make tax-deductible donations to our program.

Explore our website to find our Sister Cities pages, blogs, stories, newsletter, calendar, and photos that highlight some of our people and projects.

Join us on social media to view and engage with current activities, ongoing projects, and programs.

Join us at a meeting – We hope that all prospective members will attend at least 1 or more of our monthly programs and meetings. Our meetings will give you a great sense of our Sister Cities community – the work we do and the spirit of our mission to carve a path toward peace and build bridges of peace and understanding with other global citizens.

Sarasota Sister Cities is continually adding new members.  Becoming a member involves you and other SCAS members getting to know each other to confirm that your membership in our association will be meaningful and rewarding for you.

Join us and volunteer your skills and experience to build on our strengths and position our organization and the work we do for future growth and success.


What members get out of SCAS depends largely on what they put into it.  Many membership requirements are designed to help members more fully participate in and enjoy their Sister Cities experience: teambuilding, fundraising, public speaking, planning, organization, and communication are just some of the leadership skills that club members can exercise and enhance.

Being an SCAS leader provides further experience in motivating, inspiring, and guiding others.

As a service organization, SCAS members count on one another to contribute their time to monthly meetings, committee work, and special events.  What leads to our success and growth necessitates our members frequent attendance and participation.

Our members share a key mission: to serve as Citizen Diplomats in our community and with our global partners in our Friendship and Sister Cities.   As a member, please give of your time and talents: in community work, in social functions, in all our programs and activities. Each member is asked to serve on at least one committee.  There are many opportunities for our members to get involved.

Financial commitments 
Sarasota Sister Cities members can expect the following financial obligations:

  • Yearly Dues at several different levels
  • Monthly and special programs and events
  • Donate to a project or program
  • Travels to a Sister City


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start

Get the most out of your membership by participating in our projects, activities and travels to our Friendship and Sister Cities to strengthen our bonds of friendship and build peace. Join us and be part of our official delegation.

Here are some ideas:

  • Serve on a committee where you can use your skills
  • Identify a need in our community and suggest a hands-on project to address it
  • Work with a youth service program
  • Host a Sister Cities youth exchange student
  • Help Board members plan and organize programs for our members and Sister Cities friends
  • Grow our membership and recommend a friend or colleague for membership

How can I meet other Members

Our monthly activities and projects provide a great opportunity to expand your contacts and friendships to citizen diplomats locally and in other countries while creating a foundation of support with our Friendship and Sister Cities communities around the world.

The monthly Luncheon programs and Speakers Bureau feature local, national and global business, cultural, civic, and political speakers.

Explore Sister Cities International opportunities: attend SCI’s annual conference usually held in a different city each year in early summer and meet other citizen diplomats and learn something new or join a SCI world cruise.

  • Connect with citizen diplomats in our Friendship and Sister Cities around the world who share your interests, hobbies or volunteer work
  • Plan or join a Discussion Group to exchange ideas on topics you’re interested in
  • Get involved with our international Sister Cities projects
  • Participate in a vocational training team
  • Join our Board or serve as an Advisor

Join A Committee

You have an enormous opportunity as a volunteer in Sarasota Sister Cities to become involved and active. It’s personally rewarding and great fun! We have many levels of time commitments as well as types of volunteer of service to SCAS and our community.

We encourage you to join at least 1 or 2 committees and see what works best for you. Committee work is where you really get to know fellow members and make new friends. To become part of a committee, simply contact the Committee Chair or any of our Board members. See more below.

Furthering the work of SCAS in our local community with our international Sister Cities happens in our committees. Being part of a committee is the best way to get to know members, enjoy personal rewards and contribute to our success.

Sister City Committee – City and Assistant City Directors

If you have a particular fondness for one of our Sister Cities – perhaps having visited or lived there, and speak the language, or you simply want to learn more about a Sister City, please contact the City Director to get involved in activities they are planning.

Programs & Planning Committee – Vice President Julianne Bosch

Please inform us if you have an idea for an inspirational or educational program and/or speaker. You are also welcomed to participate as a program speaker/presenter.  Please contact the Programs & Planning Committee Chair to determine your schedule for presenting.

Arts & Culture Committee – Vice President Sue Gordon

Plan some fun socials and informative and interesting visits with city and alliance partners for your fellow members and visiting international delegations. Host a visiting student or City delegate.

Write A Play Committee – Sue Gordon and Dr. Fred Bloom 

Serve on the Selection Committee at the Florida Studio Theatre (FST) to choose the winning plays at the Young Playwright Festival, or plan to host students from our Sister Cities. Help to plan activities during their stay and accompany our foreign visitors to meetings.

Fund Raising Committee – Vice President Karen Lyon

We need your skills with grant writing and fundraising. Bring your fresh ideas and success stories and help us raise funds for our projects.

ONE WORLD AWARD Gala – Honorary Chair Mayor Liz Alpert

Co-Chairs – Isabelle Eidet, Katherine Benoit, Kenney DeCamp

The One World Award shines the spotlight on individuals and organizations that have demonstrated their continued ability to create and maintain strong bonds of understanding among the world’s citizens, through their extraordinary work and service to our community. Make an impact and serve on the One World Award Selection Committee or volunteer to plan the next OWA event.

2021 OWA Honorees: Maestro Victor DeRenzi & the Sarasota Opera

Youth & Education Committee – Vice President Ellie Stoll & Youth Ambassador Abigail Sweitzer

Bring your teaching skills and put on your Educator hat and assist our VP Education and our Youth Ambassador, Abigail Sweitzer with new projects. Let’s promote the importance of empowering youth and young professionals through diplomacy programs such as the Diplomacy Sessions (similar to Model UN) where students learn to be skilled crisis negotiators and young diplomats.

Membership Committee – Vice President Riana Rawson

Plan to attend a Membership Committee New Member Coffee soon after you join to meet other members. Invite a friend or colleague to join us and grow our membership. Having a strong and involved membership position us for continued success.

PR and Communications Committee – VP PR & Communications, Jasmine Hermann

If you have a background in PR and communications or enjoy photography, writing, and speaking, please join our committee and work on SCAS public relations and external communications, writing press releases, speaking to the media and public, or working on the newsletter or the website.








Membership Levels

INDIVIDUAL LEVEL – $40 | FAMILY LEVEL – $60 | PATRON LEVEL – $100 | SPONSOR LEVEL – $150 | BUSINESS/NATIONAL SPONSOR – $500+ Our generous sponsors support our programs as donors

Pay with a Check

Please choose a Membership level that you wish to join, and make your check payable to SCAS and mail to our address at Sister Cities Association of Sarasota.

P. O. Box 674, Sarasota, FL 34230

Or Pay with a Credit Card

Please click on the drop down payment level below that you wish to renew/join Sister Cities and follow the prompts to complete payment. Membership is valid for 12 months from payment date.

SCAS has taken appropriate precautions to help ensure that the online transaction process is safe (no member login required). Select your membership level to pay your dues and submit payment through the secure PayPal online system. Please contact the Membership VP (see below) if you are unable to pay online.

Thank you in advance from the Membership Team.