Sister Cities Association of Sarasota is managed by Officers and Directors of the Board who are elected at the annual general meeting for a one-year term. The Board comprises the President, Secretary, Treasurer, Vice Presidents, City Directors, Assistant City Directors, and Youth Ambassador.

Vice Presidents serve in the following areas: Arts & Culture, Business & Economic Development, Cities and Candidate Cities, Communications, Membership, Programs and Planning, Sports, and Youth and Education. The Youth Ambassador is an appointed position and is filled by a Sarasota STAR Leadership High School Student.

City Directors work to facilitate relationships with our Sister Cities and come under the umbrella responsibility of the Vice President for Cities & Candidate Cities. Assistant City Directors may be delegated to represent the City Director on a case-by-case basis, as determined by the City Director.

Appointed Positions

The Director of Events comes under the umbrella responsibility of the Vice President for Membership.

The Director of Public Relations and the Editor of the Bridges Newsletter comes under the umbrella responsibility of the Vice President for Communications.

Committees under the umbrella of the Vice President for Youth and Education include Primary & Secondary Education, Higher Education, and Youth Development.

The Protocol Chair serves as an advisor to the President, the executive board and the city directors.

Assistant City Directors are appointed by the President on the recommendation of the City Director.

2021 – 2022 Board of Directors

President – Miriam Kramer

Past President – Toni Duval

Secretary – Beth Ruyle-Hullinger

Treasurer – Gloria Grenier

Arts & Culture – Sue Gordon

Business & Economic Development – Craig Hullinger

Cities and Candidate Cities – Rabbi Jonathan Katz

Membership – Isabelle Eidet

Director of Events – Charlotte Hull

PR and Communications – Jana Stanley

Fundraising – Betty Greenspan

Programs and Planning – Dr. Ray Young

Sports – Richard Greenspan

Youth and Education – Dawn Graber

Youth Ambassador – Matthew Maloni


SCAS City Directors 2020 – 2021

Dunfermline, Scotland
Pauline Mitchell (CD)
Karen Malesky (ACD)

Merida, Mexico
Grisell Aleman (CD)
Michael Fehily (ACD

Perpignan, France
Marie des Neiges Grossas (CD)

Rapperswill-Jona, Switzerland
Nelly Camardo (CD)
Charlotte Hull (ACD)

Tel Mond, Israel
Jonathan Katz (CD)
Alice Cotman (ACD)
Kim Sheintal (ACD)

Vladimir, Russia
Miriam Kramer (CD)

Xiamen, China
Douglas Sparks (CD)
Larry Bennison (ACD)
Duane Finger (ACD)

Busseto, Italy
Phillip Gordon (CD)
Kenney DeCamp (ACD)


Past SCAS Board Presidents

Dallas Dort 1963–1967

Donald Spivey 1968–1975

Wells Purmort 1976–1987

Julio Claret 1989–1991

Asim Mohammed 1992–1994

Hope Byrnes 1995–2000

Linda Rosenbluth 2001–2005

William Wallace 2006–2007

Carla Rayman 2008–April 2011

John T. (Tom) Halbert 2011–2013

Beth Ruyle-Hullinger 2013–2016

Marianna Janz-Wecke 2016-October 2018

Beth Ruyle-Hullinger October 2018 – May 2019

Toni Duval 2019–2021


Honorary Membership Criteria

In accordance with the contract between SCAS and the City of Sarasota, the Mayor and members of the City Commission are designated as Honorary Members and may serve as ex-officio.

Honorary Members

Our Honorary SCAS Members include our current Mayor and the City Commissioners.

Honorary Membership was also conferred on the 11 Former Mayors of the City of Sarasota honored at the Mayoral Luncheon in March 2019.

City of Sarasota Commission

Mayor Hagen Brody

Vice Mayor Erik Arroyo

Commissioner  Kyle Battie

Commissioner Liz Alpert 

Commissioner Jen Ahearn-Koch


City Manager

City Manager – Marlon Brown
Deputy City Manager – Patrick Robinson

Former Mayors of Sarasota and Honorary Members

Fredd Atkins

Elmer Berkel

Mollie Cardamone

Richard Clapp

Shelli Freeland Eddie

Kelly Kirschner

Kerry Kirschner

Lou Ann Palmer

Rita Roehr

Mary Ann Servian

Willie Shaw Sr.


To read about the history of Sarasota Sister Cities:

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