The Sister Cities Association of Sarasota, Inc (SCAS) is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization whose mission is to foster international relationships between Sarasota and international Sister Cities that have similar interests by creating exchanges in areas of arts and culture, education, tourism, business and government. SCAS’s objective is to develop respect, understanding and cooperation through citizen diplomacy. Our fundraising goal is to support ongoing services and projects in vocational, community, youth and international endeavors.

SCAS holds a number of fundraisers each year for different projects and receives donations from individuals as well as business and municipal sponsors.

If you have an interest in supporting our work to improve our local community and global community partners, please see the giving opportunities listed below.

Members and non-members have the option to individually contribute to the activities of the Sister Cities Association of Sarasota (SCAS) and will be recognized for their contributions based on the following program. Sponsorship levels attained will be based upon contributions made during a fiscal year, which runs from October 1 to September 30.

Donate to the Sister Cities Association of Sarasota Inc.

Federal Tax ID: 65-0178684
Located in Sarasota, FL



Please remember the Sister Cities Association of Sarasota Inc. with a planned gift. Donors can provide ongoing support to SCAS programs and take advantage of financial and tax benefits or choose structured gifts to be made after their lifetimes.

Please consult an independent tax adviser and legal representative for professional advice to determine the most appropriate way for you to give and speak to our VP of Fundraising before making any charitable gifts.

The most common gift structure is a provision in an estate plan. Ways to give include:

  • A gift in your retirement account (IRA account after the age of 70)
  • A provision in a will including codicils
  • A provision in a trust
  • Insurance beneficiary designations
  • Real estate and other asset transfers
  • Gifts of retirement plan assets or other financial accounts



A tribute of any amount is an ideal way to honor a friend or loved one. It’s a perfect way to say: “I care,” “You’re special,” or “I remember.”

A card will be sent to your Honoree notifying them of your generous gift. (The amount of your gift will not be included on the card unless you wish to include it.)



Make a gift to honor someone today! A memorial gift of any amount is an ideal way to remember the life of someone special. A card will be sent to the family notifying them of your gift. (The amount of your gift will not be included on the card unless you wish to include it.)


SEND IN YOUR TRIBUTE/DONATION: Sister Cities Association of Sarasota, Inc. (SCAS) is a 501(c)(3) organization supporting many local and international exchange projects.

Federal tax ID 65-0178684

Attn: Gloria Grenier, Treasurer

6501 17th Avenue West Apt I-401
Bradenton, FL, 34209

Or Pay with PayPal or credit card at:

Or use your smartphone and/or tablet camera to scan this QR code to take you to the payment page. Thank you.

Types of Tribute gifts in support of the mission and goals of Sister Cities Association of Sarasota:


Gold: $2,000.00

  • Exxon Mobil
  • Rock Solid Construction Group, Inc

Blue: $1,000.00

  • Star Scientific, Inc
  • Thompson Resources
  • Michael Bernard

White: $500

  • Mark Fisher
  • Roskamp Foundation
  • Rotary Club of Sarasota, Inc
  • W.A. Heaslip Investments

Members and Friends

Community Foundation of Sarasota
Stan & Alma Abshier
Peggy (Margaret) Abt
Kathie Alexander
Eladio Amores
Robert Antrim
Carol Arroyo
Primo Bader
Katherine Benoit
Michael Bernard
Fred Bloom
Carolyn M. Bloomer
Gary Bockhold
Judith Brill
Diane Brin
Nelly Camardo
Mirco Chiodi
Jane Cirksena Thompson
Alice Cotman
Kenneth J. DeCamp
Marie des Neiges Grossas
Harry Dunn
Maria Duprez
Toni Duval
Isabelle Eidet
Gary Eidet
Susan Fain

Maddalena Falco
Michael Fehily
Barbara Frey
Rachel Garibay-Wynnberry
Casey Gonzmart
Sue M. Gordon
Michael Gotthainer
Jane Govoni
George Graydon
Linda Greene
Betty Greenspan
Gloria Grenier
Barbara Hamilton
Jan Hartman
Richard Hershorin
Craig Hullinger
Marianna Janz-Wecke
Kelly Kirschner
Werner Knoop
Kathy Lamensdorf
Emile Langlois
David Laws
Eileen K. Lazaroff
Edward Lin
Rosa Lundin
William Mallett
Richard Mantyla

Archibald S. McKee
Emily Pauline Mitchell
Judith C. Moore
Nicolla Newall
Joseph Polizzi
Ina Rae Levy
Carla Rayman
Sandra Reinhardt
Margaretta Rower
Beth Ruyle-Hullinger
Jill Schachter
Liliane Sealy-Schrock
Kimberly Sheintal
Douglas Sparks
Louise Spellman
Elizabeth Stelter
Jeffrey Stepek
Eleanor A. Stoll
Irma Vanderboegh
William Wallace
Jean Wallace
David Wecke
Evelyn Candace Wehbe
Edward Widanka
Ronald S. Wozniak
Kathryn Young

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