Become a Citizen Diplomat with the Sister Cities Association of Sarasota, Inc. (SCAS).

“President Dwight D. Eisenhower relished the thought of world Peace – spurred on by his military experience and the atrocities witnessed in World War II.  He sought a solution – one that utilized the open exchange of ideas and view points – one that transcended national barriers – one to help all the people of the world realize that most precious dream of world peace.  He envisioned People to People and Sister Cities International as organizations that would be healing tools and help accomplish that goal.”

  • Stewart K. Etherington, Former President of the Eisenhower Foundation, Abilene, Kansas

Speech given at SCAS’s Hands of Heritage Festival Luncheon celebrating the 100th Birthday of the city of Sarasota.



Sarasota Sister Cities

The Sister Cities program was the vision of President Dwight D. Eisenhower who, having seen first-hand the ravages of World War II, created the people-to-people program of citizen diplomacy in 1956.

Sarasota formalized its first sister city in 1963 and celebrated its 55th anniversary in 2018.

Sister Cities of Sarasota works outside the realm of government, but with its support, to create a wealth of lasting friendships—one at a time—to foster world peace.

Sarasota is located on the gulf coast of SW Florida – famous for its world class beaches and resorts, cultural and environmental amenities, and golf and water sports.

Sister Cities International (SCI) is the national, nonprofit, volunteer membership organization representing the sister city programs of more than 1,100 U.S. cities and their 2,000 partners in more than 120 countries worldwide.

As the premier organization for citizen diplomacy in the United States, SCI leads the national movement for local community development and volunteer action in the global arena. SCI motivates and empowers municipal officials, volunteers and youth to conduct long-term programs of mutual benefit and interest with their sister city counterparts abroad.

The goals of Sister Cities International are to:

– Develop municipal partnerships between U.S. towns, cities, counties, states and similar jurisdictions in other nations

– Create opportunities for the citizens of sister cities to experience and explore other cultures through long-term community partnerships

– Create an atmosphere in which economic development and trade can be developed, implemented and strengthened – Stimulate environments through which U.S. and foreign communities can creatively learn, work and solve problems together

– Collaborate with organizations in the United States and other countries sharing similar goals

Come and participate in person-to-person exchanges with our nine Friendship and Sister Cities across the globe in the areas of tourism, the arts, education, business, language, medicine, sports, and government.





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