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Join our diverse community of citizen diplomats by exploring the Membership options available through the Sister Cities Association of Sarasota (SCAS). Learn about the unique benefits and opportunities that come with being a part of an organization dedicated to peace, cultural exchange, and international friendship.

Plans and Pricing

SCAS Membership Plans

Embrace the spirit of global citizenship by becoming a part of SCAS and deepening your understanding of worldwide cultures and communities.

Our members share a key mission: to serve as Citizen Diplomats in our community and with our global partners in our Friendship and Sister Cities. We encourage all members to give of your time and talents: in community work, in social functions, on committees, and in all our programs and activities.

There are many opportunities for our members to get involved. We have three membership plans to accommodate all levels of participation.


SCAS Member Feedback

Ivonne Henry

Being a member of SCAS has shown me the power of cultural exchange and the value of building international friendships, reinforcing the importance of fostering unity and appreciation for diverse cultures.

Kun Shi

I was impressed by the warm welcome and strong support from the SCAS leadership from the beginning when I gave a talk about my recent travel experience in China and led the SCAS group to visit The James Museum in late 2023.

Xochitl Napoles

SCAS have introduced me so many multicultural friends of all ages and backgrounds. Their perspectives about living and visiting other countries have encouraged me to keep an open mind and inspired me to see more of this beautiful world we live in.
How do I start getting involved once I'm a member?

Get the most out of your membership by participating in our projects, activities, and travels to our Friendship and Sister Cities to strengthen our bonds of friendship and build peace. Once you’re a member, you can be part of a delegation.

Here are some ideas:

  • Serve on a committee where you can use your skills
  • Identify a need in our community and suggest a hands-on project to address it
  • Work with a youth service program
  • Host a Sister Cities youth exchange student
  • Help Board members plan and organize programs for our members and Sister Cities friends
  • Grow our membership and recommend a friend or colleague for membership
How can I meet other members?

Our monthly activities and projects provide a great opportunity to expand your contacts and friendships to citizen diplomats locally and in other countries while creating a foundation of support with our Friendship and Sister Cities communities around the world.

The monthly Luncheon programs and Speakers Bureau feature local, national and global business, cultural, civic, and political speakers.

What committees do you have?

You have an enormous opportunity as a volunteer in Sarasota Sister Cities to become involved and active. It’s personally rewarding and great fun! We have many levels of time commitments as well as types of volunteer of service to SCAS and our community.

We encourage you to join at least 1 or 2 committees and see what works best for you. Committee work is where you really get to know fellow members and make new friends. To become part of a committee, simply contact the Committee Chair or any of our Board members.

Committee Highlights:

  • Sister City Committee: Connect with City Directors for activities related to your favorite Sister City.
  • Programs & Planning Committee: Share program ideas or become a speaker. Contact the Committee Chair for scheduling.
  • Arts & Culture Committee: Plan socials, visits, and host international delegations. Get involved in cultural activities.
  • Write A Play Committee: Contribute to the Young Playwright Festival at Florida Studio Theatre or host students from Sister Cities.
  • Fundraising Committee: Bring fundraising skills to support projects and share success stories.
  • ONE WORLD AWARD Gala: Join the Selection Committee or volunteer for event planning.
  • Youth & Education Committee: Empower youth through programs like Diplomacy Sessions. Support education projects.
  • Membership Committee: Attend a New Member Coffee to meet others and grow the community.
  • PR and Communications Committee: Contribute to public relations, media outreach, and communication efforts.
Where are the sister cities located?

We currently have 9 sister and friendship cities:

1. Hamilton, Canada (1990) – A diverse city blending education, culture, and business, especially known for steel manufacturing.
2. Perpignan, France (1994) – A university town rich in culture and history, surrounded by picturesque vineyards.
3. Vladimir, Russia (1994) – A historical city with a focus on tourist attractions, arts, and education since the 1100s.
4. Tel Mond, Israel (1999) – North of Tel Aviv, known for orange groves, farmland, and a growing emphasis on youth and education.
5. Dunfermline, Scotland (2002) – Former capital, now a hub for business and cultural activities, with historical significance.
6. Treviso, Italy (2007) – A modern city with renaissance settings, renowned for its cultural, historical, and gastronomic highlights.
7. Xiamen (Siming District), China (2007) – A port city known for cleanliness, cultural attractions, and a vibrant urban environment.
8. Merida, Mexico (2010) – Vibrant capital with a rich Mayan and colonial heritage, distinguished by its limestone buildings and unique cuisine.
9. Rapperswil-Jona, Switzerland (2017) – The City of Roses on Lake Zurich, offering scenic beauty, cultural life, and a Mediterranean atmosphere.

What kind of events and projects does SCAS do?
  • Cultural events: Music, art, film, dance, and other exchanges between sister cities.
  • Economic projects: Forming alliances with economic development organizations to foster international business through professional and technical exchanges.
  • Educational projects:  Scholarships, student visits, and book and equipment
    donations to schools and libraries in our sister cities.
  • Digital projects: Internet exchanges of art, student projects and digital communications with our sister cities.
  • Diplomatic events: Citizen Diplomats explore other cultures through
    long-term partnerships.
  • Luncheons & Meet and Greets: From September–May, luncheons and evening
    events focus on our sister cities and community events of interest to members.
  • Municipal projects: Exchanges of resources, information and ideas
    among municipal and regional government officials.
  • Sports & Youth events: Hosting and facilitating visits by sports teams and youth organizations to and from our sister cities.
How do I pay for membership?

Please click on the payment level that you wish to renew/join Sister Cities and follow the prompts to complete payment. 

SCAS has taken appropriate precautions to help ensure that the online transaction process is safe through our SSL certificate on the website and the secure Stripe payment gateway.

Membership is valid for 12 months from payment date.

Membership FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

As you consider joining the Sister Cities Association of Sarasota (SCAS), you may have questions about membership benefits, engagement opportunities, and the impact you can make as a global citizen diplomat. Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section is here to provide you with detailed answers, helping you to understand the full scope of what it means to be a part of this vibrant and world-minded community.

Should you wish to delve deeper or discuss the unique aspects of membership that cater to your interests and aspirations, do not hesitate to get in touch with our President, Diana Friedman. Diana’s passion and knowledge about SCAS’s mission make her an invaluable resource for anyone interested in becoming part of our mission to foster international friendship and understanding.

Plans and Pricing

SCAS Sponsorship Packages

Explore a partnership with the Sister Cities Association of Sarasota (SCAS) by becoming a sponsor, and play a pivotal role in fostering global unity and cultural understanding. Our sponsorship tiers are thoughtfully designed to provide valuable benefits and recognition, aligning with the philanthropic and business goals of individuals and corporations alike. Whether you’re a small business or a national corporation, your support as a sponsor will help us build stronger international connections and make a meaningful impact both locally and around the world.

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