SCAS and Dunfermline in the Observer

Apr 25, 2024

Sarasota recently marked a significant milestone in its international relations by reinforcing its Sister City bond with Dunfermline, Scotland. The happenings in early April, highlighted in an article by Jim DeLa from the Observer, were enriched by a joy-filled visit of Dunfermline’s Mayor, Jim Leishman, MBE, to Sarasota.

Above, see images from the Mayor’s Selby Library talk on April 9th with a lively crowd. After the talk, attendees were invited to a meet and greet at Salute Restaurant.

The highlight of Mayor Leishman’s visit was the signing of the Recommitment Document by him and Sarasota Mayor Liz Alpert, which officially confirmed the ongoing Sister City relationship. This reaffirmation was celebrated with the declaration of April 19, 2024, as “SCOTLAND DAY” in Sarasota, symbolizing the deep cultural and communal ties between the two cities.

The strengthened partnership now aims to explore new avenues in economic development and tourism, promising mutual benefits and enriched community engagement. This strategic focus is poised to unlock potential opportunities that will foster growth and prosperity in both cities.

Read the full Observer article here!


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