Strengthening Ties: Dunfermline and Sarasota Celebrate 22 Years of Friendship

Mar 25, 2024


In the spirit of international cooperation and friendship, Sarasota is set to welcome distinguished guests from Dunfermline, Scotland, marking a significant moment in the relationship between our two cities. Mayor Jim Leishman MBE and Gordon Mole, the head of Economic Development for Dunfermline, will be gracing Sarasota with their presence starting April 9th. This visit not only commemorates a longstanding partnership but also opens doors to future collaboration and mutual growth.

The highlight of this visit will be the reaffirmation of the Letter of Commitment between Sarasota and Dunfermline, a testament to our 22-year journey of friendship and cooperation. The ceremony, featuring Mayor Leishman MBE of Dunfermline and Mayor Alpert of Sarasota, symbolizes our continuous commitment to peace and the strengthening of our cities’ bonds.

An Invitation to Celebrate

The visit will feature two key events open to the community. On April 10th, Mayor Leishman MBE will deliver a speech at Selby Library, offering insights into the achievements and aspirations of our sister city. RSVP below!

The day will culminate in a dinner event at Salute Restaurant, providing an intimate setting for further exchange and celebration. I warmly invite all members of our community to join us in welcoming our esteemed guests and partaking in both the talk at the library and the dinner event at 6PM at Salute.

The significance of Mayor Leishman’s visit goes beyond the ceremonial. It underscores our dedication to fostering exchanges between our city leaders, contributing to ongoing peace initiatives, and paving the way for a robust economic relationship. These interactions are crucial for our communities’ growth, allowing us to learn from each other and explore new opportunities for collaboration.

Join Us!

Your participation in these events is not just a gesture of hospitality towards our guests from Dunfermline. It is a reaffirmation of Sarasota’s dedication to strengthening international ties and embracing the promising future of collaboration between our cities. Let us come together to celebrate this special occasion, honoring the past and looking forward to the opportunities that lie ahead in our partnership with Dunfermline.